Policies and Procedures

Bylaws and League Structure

Copper State Derby League is an Arizona Nonprofit in the process of applying for 501c3 status. Our bylaws are publicly available.

The CSDL Board of Directors includes:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Secretary 
  • Athletic Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Human Resources

The league also maintains several committees, including:

  • Financial
  • Bout/Event production
  • Training/coaching
  • Marketing/PR
  • Referees/NSO’s/volunteers
  • Code of conduct/grievance

Membership Roles

CSDL offers a variety of memberships for participants in a variety of roles:

  • Full Roller Derby Membership
  • Drop In Roller Derby Membership
  • Recreational Skate Club 
  • New Skater (Roller Derby)
  • Referee
  • Non Skating Official
  • Volunteer
  • Transfer Skater
  • Visiting Skater
  • Leave of Absence

More details can be found in the CSDL Membership Policy.

Code of Conduct

Members agree to:

  • Show a positive attitude and contribute to an environment free of harassment
  • Sexual harassment and assault will not be tolerated.
  • Physical assault will result in immediate expulsion from the league.
  • Skaters and officials will not participate while under the influence of mind-altering substances

Nondiscrimination Policy

No one within the organization has the right to discriminate against another person on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical capabilities, education level, employment status or position, housing level, mental health history, economic status, cognitive abilities, linguistic differences or religious affiliation against any member, volunteer, spectator, vendor, sponsor, donor, partner organization. Any violation of the non discrimination policy will result in verbal warnings, suspension, probationary periods, removal from an event, practice, scrimmage or meeting, and/or expulsion from The Organization.

Health and Safety

CSDL takes player safety very seriously. We have a detailed health and safety protocol and all participants must sign an Amateur Athletic Waiver, Release of Liability, and Assumption of Risk document.

  • Players and skating officials are required to wear full safety gear at all times.
  • Medical equipment is on hand for all practices, and medical staff will be present at bouts and mash-up games.
  • COVID policy:
    • Vaccines are strongly recommended.
    • Masks will be required or recommended based on current level of community spread.
    • Contact drills will be limited or eliminated when community transmission is high.
    • Participants who receive a positive COVID test are asked to stay home until they are symptom-free and test negative.
    • Practices will be paused if it has been determined that there was a COVID exposure at a practice.