About Us

Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment for anyone and everyone to participate in roller skating, roller derby and community volunteering.

Our Vision

Having a diverse, positive and close knit community whose purpose is to come together for the love of roller skating, roller derby and community service without complications of outside influences.

Core Values

  1. Partnership – We as an organization and individuals hold the goal of coming together not only to skate but to give ourselves for charitable purposes within the organization and also other areas of need in the larger community of Tucson and Arizona.
  2. Accountability – We hold ourselves as an organization and individually accountable for our larger community in Tucson and Arizona to continue fostering a safe and equitable space for roller skating, roller derby and volunteer work within the organization itself and outside charitable organizations.
  3. Integrity – We hold our organization to the highest standards for ethical and equitable behavior supporting transparent and honest communication to those within our organization, volunteers and larger community.
  4. Respect – We value and celebrate the unique and diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of everyone and treat our members, volunteers, partners, donors, sponsors, spectators and each other with sensitivity and respect.

Who is welcome in Copper State?

Short answer: EVERYBODY! It doesn’t matter if you’re “different,” we would love to have you join our family, without discrimination or other limitations based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you are welcome here! We embrace everyone, out or not, transitioned or not, regardless of gender identity or expression.

If you are a member of a racial or ethnic minority, you are welcome here! We strive to make our league a comfortable, open, and safe space for BIPOC skaters and volunteers, and participants from all ethnic and racial backgrounds, regardless of nationality / citizenship, English language proficiency, are welcome.

If you have a disability (visible or invisible), you are welcome here! We support our family members through all sorts of challenges, mental and physical, and provide any needed accommodations to ensure that everyone can participate fully.

If you do not consider yourself athletically gifted, you are welcome here! We are thrilled to teach anyone how to skate, no matter how slow your progress is, no matter if you don’t have an “athletic body,” no matter if you don’t feel comfortable hitting people on skates. Everyone’s derby journey is different, and we support you in whatever way you need!